Ayurveda  Outside the Indian subcontinent

Ayurveda  is a system of traditional herbal medicine developed during antiquity and the medieval period, and as such is comparable to pre-modern Chinese and European systems of  medicine. However, beginning in the 1960s, Ayurveda has been advertised as alternative medicine in the Western world.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy offered by Grego Massage and Ayurvedic Remedies.

At Grego Ayur Massage ( "Grego Massage and Ayurvedic Remedies"),  We restrict therapies to "Conventional Massage therapy with Ayurvedic Massages  &  Panchakarma.  Herbal decoctions are used for the external therapy and  no oral medications are prescribed. Massage therapy is done  by  State Licensed therapists under the supervision of  Ayurvedic  Practitioners.
If any pain or discomfort is experienced during the session, the therapist needs to be informed about it so that the pressure and/or strokes may be adjusted to a comfort level. All types of Massage, bodywork and somatic therapy may  not be suitable for certain medical conditions and the practitioner/therapist  need to be  informed  about all known medical conditions  so that practitioner/therapist decide whether therapy will
enhance the health and body condition or adversely affect the  health and body condition.  Also they shall be updated for any changes in the medical condition during the   course of the therapy.