Our massage therapy aim  to:

1.    Improve blood circulation, tone up muscles, reduce pain, lessen fatigue, provide relaxation to mind and body
2.    Reduces impurities in the body system through a process called "Panchakarma" (purification therapy) which focuses on the digestive tract and the respiratory system. For the digestive tract, cleansing may be done through enemas, fasting, or special diets. Some  cases  application of  medicated oils through a nasal spray or inhaler is also recommended.
3.    Reduce worry and increase harmony in the client's life. The client may be advised to seek nurturing and peacefulness through yoga, meditation, exercise, or other techniques.
4.    Help eliminate both  physical and psychological problems. 'Vital points' therapy and/or massage may be used to reduce pain, lessen fatigue, or improve circulation. Ayurveda proposes that there are 107 "vital points" in the body where life energy is stored, and that these points may be massaged to improve health. Other types of Ayurvedic massage use medicated oils.